1990 Henley on the Yarra

The Australian Henley Regatta held on the Yarra River in 1990, in Melbourne, is steeped in history and this film combines the Grand Challenge for Men's 8 with archival footage from the 1930s and 1940s.

This film is a sequence from Michael Nicholson's documentary, 'The Australian Rowing Film', which he made in 1990 to screen at the World Rowing Championships at Lake Barrington, Tasmania, that year. Of interest is the winning 8, from Mercantile Rowing Club, that was the basis for the 'Awesome Foursome'.

Narration: Paul Jennings. Course Commentator: Roger Wilson OAM MAICD.

A Michael Nicholson Film

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Rowing Movie - 1990 Henley on the Yarra