2009 MUBC Celebrates Its 150th Year

In 2009, Melbourne University Boat Club celebrated its 150th year. This film shows a lot of the club members and scenes from boat christenings and regattas over the past 50 years including:

  • 1956 Intervarsity
  • 1969 Intervarsity
  • 1974 Lightweight Four gold medalists Colin Smith, Geoff Rees, Andrew Michelmore, Cam Johnston
  • 1978 first Women's Intervarsity crew
  • 1980 Women's crew bound for the Moscow Olympics
  • 1983 "Team Yates"
  • 1984 Newman College crew winning the Intercollegiate Boat Race
  • 1984 Intervarsity in Tasmania
  • 1985 MUBC Dragon Boat Champions
  • 1990 Dimboola Regatta
  • 1996 Worldwide Intercollegiate Boat Race, Taiwan
  • 1998 King's Cup being presented to the Victoria crew
  • 7am 3rd September 2009 the big row past MUBC to mark 150 years

Some of the many people in this film are (in no particular order): Harvey Nicholson, Clive Disher, Field Rickards Sr, Peter Antonie, David Yates, Barbara Griffiths (aka Barbara Gillott and Barbara Fenner), Simon Gillott, Charles (Charlie) Bartlett, Sandy Marshall, Jim Peters, Paul van Veenendaal, Pam Westendorf, Rob Stewart, Tom Yuncken, Rob Zahara, Field Rickards Jnr,  John (JD) McKenzie, Sally Haisman (aka Sally McKenzie), David Palfreyman, Susie Palfreyman (aka Susie Gaskin), Paul Reedy, Steve Spurling and many more.

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Rowing Movie - 2009 MUBC Celebrates Its 150th Year