2014 Australian Henley on the Yarra - 100th Regatta

The 100th Australian Henley on the Yarra River 2014 held a row past of previous winners of the Silver Sculls, including from MUBC Simon Cook, Hamish McGlashan and Karsten Forstelling.

The running of the Grand Challenge Cup for Men's 8 between MUBC/Barwon Youth 8 and Mercantile Elite 8 was another absorbing race. MUBC/Barwon: Bow Lachlan Webster, 2 Tom Hunter (Barwon), 3 Michael Poulter, 4 Ben Strathmore, 5 Charlie Dixon, 6 Angus Widdicombe (Barwon), 7 George Richards, Stroke Harry Fox, Cox David Webster, Coaches Ed Monteith and Peter Kupas.

A Michael Nicholson Film

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Rowing Movie - 2014 Australian Henley on the Yarra - 100th Regatta