Melbourne Head 2016

published: 29-Nov-2016

The results are in and MUBC brings home Gold.  MUBC topped The Melbourne Head 2016 medal tally with 16 Gold, 8 Silver and 5 Bronze.  Mercs just couldn't keep pace with 5, 3, 6 and Melbourne a very creditable 3rd with 3, 5, 4 respectively.

Taking out Gold were:

1 - MO1X Mens Open Single Scull - A Smiths' quinella - Jordan 1 and Isaac 2
4 - WO2- Womens Open Pair 
9 - MM8+ Mens Masters Eight
14 - MClub8+ Mens Club Eight
18 - WM4X Womens Masters Coxed/Coxless Quad Scull
22 - WM4- Womens Masters Coxed/Coxless Four
24 - MO4- Mens Open Coxless Four - another Quinella!
25 - WO4- Womens Open Coxless Four
44 - WO4X Womens Open Quad Scull
50 - MClub4+ Mens Club Coxed Four
53 - MM2X Mens Masters Double Scull
54 - MSch1X Mens School Single Scull - and another - this time an Eric Low and Oliver Quinn Exacta!

And we can probably lay claim to the youngest competitor, too - with a single digit age of 9 - Emily Antonie kept pace with her dad in the Parent and Child 2X.  Stupendous!

Thank you very much to all the MUBC and Strathcona supporters who generously volunteered their time and expertise to contribute to the successful running of this year's regatta - it couldn't be done without you.