MUBC Handbook 

MUBC is committed to being one of the finest rowing organisations in the world, that enriches and transforms its members' lives. To understand our goals and objectives read the 2018/19 Handbook. 

This Handbook covers a range of topics including 

- MUBC Code of Conduct for all members to abide by 
- Standards and Expecations for all squads 
- Coaching Structure
- Coaching Team
- Key Events
- Key Performance Indicators 
- Boat Loading for Regattas and Camps
- Facilities Use Matrix
- Uniform Requirements 
- Finance
- Access to MUBC 
- Welfare Officers
- Safety for all Rowers 
- Boat Usage
- Oar Use and Allocation
- Boat Repairs
- Under 18 Use of Facilities
- Use of Gym Equipment
- MUBC Committee Members 

The Handbook also makes reference to the following documents;

- Facilities Use Matrix 
- Direct Debit Form 
- Boat Booking System on Sportsnoticeboard 
- Incident Report Form