MUBC Fortnightly Newsletters 

Each fortnight MUBC produces a newsletter to update members on daily activities and provide any reminders for upcoming events. To view the recent newsletters click on the links below. 

MUBC e-newsletter October 2021
MUBC Enewsletter 15 May 2019
MUBC Enewsletter 23rd July
MUBC Enewsletter 6th July 
MUBC Enewsletter 15th June 
MUBC Enewsletter 1st June 
MUBC Enewsletter 18th May 
MUBC Enewsletter 4th May 
MUBC Enewsletter 20th April 
MUBC Enewsletter 5th April 
MUBC Enewsletter 9th March 

MUBC Video Newsletters 

A special video from the MUBC rowers racing this week in Plovdiv Bulgaria. 

MUBC President Christian Ryan has started in June 2018 a video newsletter. Check out the first video, and as they are released they will be posted here 

Files available for download