Junior Rowing Program

Melbourne University Boat Club has helped many junior rowers in the past, but has not offered a coordinated program for Junior rowers until recently. There has been considerable interest in MUBC running a rowing program that supplements the programs provided by schools, much in the same was as a keen and talented footballer or cricketer might play for a local club on weekends and during holidays.

In May 2012, MUBC became the first rowing club in Melbourne to include a full time Youth and Talent Development Coach in its coaching team. This specialist coach and team will deliver the Junior program with volunteer help from extremely experienced members including World and Olympic medalists. The coaching team’s wealth of experience will greatly assist with developing junior rowers and ensure a high coach/rower ratio is achieved with good coached progression and fun for the junior rowers involved.

Check out our 2017 Juniors filmed and edited by Michael Nicholson. See more great films under About Us/MUBC Cinema.

MUBC’s Junior rowers will have access to the clubhouse and facilities, changing rooms and land training facilities including ergometers on sliders for technique and fitness work (excluding weight training). MUBC has suitable boats for school age rowers, and will offer an appropriate range including Race 1 Scuds (wide training boats for single sculling), Wintech and Sykes single sculls, Sykes doubles, quads and eights from Hudson and Sykes including an octuple (8 man/woman sculling boat).

Who is the program for?

It is expected that the program will be available to Year 10/11 male and female rowers from a variety of schools in Victoria who would like to enhance skills outside of normal school rowing/sports commitments.

When does it operate?

During term times and holidays, MUBC juniors can benefit from coached sessions on Sunday mornings outside of normal school commitments. There may be occasions during the week for individual sessions by appointment.

What can I expect a session to involve?

Most sessions will start with some technical coaching on the ergo to explain a particular aspect of the stroke to work on, and then an opportunity to try the technique out on the water in a single or crew boat. From entering the boat house, to leaving should take no more than two hours.

Can I race for MUBC or my school?

If you want to race in events such as Winter Sculling, then you can! You can be affiliated with a club whilst at school, and decide which to race for, just be absolutely sure that your school is happy for you to race as MUBC – some may not be even though they are happy for you to train using MUBC’s equipment – that is fine!

How should I register my interest?

Please email headcoach@mubc.asn.au to register your interest, or ask for further information.