More from the MUBC Vault.

Enjoy some early University Rowing from our MUBC archives. Can you see yourself or maybe a friend?   

1960 MUBC Intervarsity Regatta Perth and training on the Upper Yarra. Perth Intervarsity results: Ist Sydney, 2nd Melbourne, 3rd NSW, 4th Qld, 5th WA, 6th Adelaide

1961 Melbourne University Boat Club rowing crew [probably Intervarsity], Stroke Ian Johns, 7 John Colville, 6 Malcolm Inglis, 4 Stewart Johns, 3 David Jones, then no names listed

1961 Extras, members Martin Brown, John Walduck, Chester Keon-Cohen, Rob Negri, Don Hume, Neil Courtney



1962 Intervarsity 8 training. Stroke Chester Keon-Cohen, 7 Arthur Adams, 6 Campbell Penfold, 5 Ian Bult, 4 Tony Dwyer, 3 Bill Gurry, 2 McEnroe, Bow Bill Stokes. Emergencies Julian Zahara and Andy Troedel

1962 Extras crew training, members Roger Pringle, Geoff Allen, Tony Dwyer, Michael a'Beckett, Andrew Buchanan, Park, John Fox

1962 MUBC Intervarsity Penrith, Ist Sydney Uni, 2nd Melbourne, 3rd WA, 4th Tasmania

1963 Extra Collegiates 8 training, Bow Dennis Milligan, 2 Geoff Park, 3 Peter Latraille, 4 Julian Zahara, 5 Jim Robson, 7 Hugh Forbes, Stroke Brian Speed

1963 MUBC Intervarsity Regatta Lower Yarra Melbourne, includes boat christening, boat burning, Intervarsity 8 training, Lightweight 4 and Scull

1963 Scotch Ist Crew - Winners of the Head of the River and most members later joined MUBC. Cox Peter Nicholson, Stroke Peter Philp, 7 Peter Martin, 6 Kerry Jelbart, 5 Fairlea, 4 Bryan Keon-Cohen, 3 Velik, 2 Pearson, Bow Jim McMeckan

1964 MUBC Extra-Collegiates 8 training, seated Stroke Geoff Park, 7 Peter Martin, 6 Jim Robson, 5 Bill Stokes, 4 Julian Zahara, 3 Hugh Forbes, 2 Bryan Speed, Bow Jim McMeckan, Emergency Tony Parker

1964 MUBC Intervarsity 8 training. Stroke Chester Keon-Cohen, 7 Bill Stokes, 6 Gordon Johnson, 5 Bill Dobson, 4 Jim Robson, 3 John Gurry, 2 Andy Troedel, Bow Peter Martin.

1964 Olympic Test 4 training [apologies, some of picture is upside down!] seated, Bow John Cassel, 2 Rob Jones, 3 Ian Bult, Stroke Jim Howden

1965 Melbourne University Boat Club's Extra-Collegiates training, coxswain Michael Nicholson, Stroke Marsden Nicholas, 7 Bill Stokes, 6 Jim Robson, 5 Roger Wakefield, 4 Julian Zahara, 3 Larkins, 2 Brian Speed, Bow Ian Holmes.


1966 MUBC Extra-Collegiates training. Bow Michael Dalling, 2 Julian Zahara, 3 Bryan Keon-Cohen, 4 Michael Strong, 5 Tony Parker, 6 Jim Robson, 7 Andrew Bainbridge, Stroke Bryan Speed


1966 MUBC Intervarsity 8 training. Stroke Paul Renouf, 7 Peter Martin, 6 Bryan Keon-Cohen, 5 John Harry, 4 Neil Tweddle, 3 Bill Stokes, 2 Ross Robson, Bow Jim McMeckan


1966 MUBC Lightweight 4 training. Stroke Peter Nicholson, 3 Michael Dalling, 2 Bryan Speed, Bow Stuart Peters