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2016 Rio Olympics Footage


1932 Little rowing history, Melbourne Yarra River 

2009 MUBC 150th Christening and row past 

2017 Juniors Program

1998 MUBC 

 1999 MUBC 

The 2015 All Japan Masters Championships was held on Lake Sakuraorochi in Shimane Prefecture on May 16th and 17th. 

Eighteen MUBC master rowers/coxes attended this regatta. Four of these rowers, Ian Farran, Paul McSweeney, Michael Nicholson and Rob Zahara rowed in the All Japan Rowing Championships, 46 years ago and won bronze medals in the MUBC eight coached by Harvey Nicholson.

Competing in the MUBC Veteran H 8+ (average age 72.5 years) crew were:
bow: Tim Hogan, 2: Peter McKeon, 3: Stanley Spittle, 4: Jim Robson, 5: Cambell Penfold, 6: Richard Larkins, 7: Jim Morrison, stroke: Mike Kerin, Cox: Mike Nicholson.

Competing in the MUBC Veteran G 8+ (average age 67.6 years) crew were:
bow: Peter Nicholson, 2: Rob Zahara, 3: Tony Oakley, 4: Ian Farran, 5: Peter Sandow, 6: Tom Wood, 7: Paul McSweeney, stroke: Richard Parker, cox: Evangeline Browne.

Competing in the MUBC Quadruple Scull (average age 65.5 years) crew were:
bow: Mike Nicholson, 2: Rob Zahara, 3: Paul McSweeney, stroke: Tom Wood, Cox: Evangeline Browne.

2015 Men's Youth Eight on Training Camp 




10 August 2011, MUBC's women's eight training on the Yarra River, Melbourne, for The Great Race.

Film by Alex Henshilwood, MUBC Coach.

23 August 2011 MUBC Men's Great Race training

Film by Alex Henshilwood, MUBC Coach.

9 September 2011: MUBC men's eight in Hamilton, New Zealand, training for the Great Race.

Film by Alex Henshilwood, MUBC Coach.

The Great Race is held over a 4.8 kilometre stretch of the Waikato River in Hamilton, New Zealand and is raced upstream. This video shows the end of the 2011 race for the Harry Mahon Trophy which was won by University of Waikato, second University of Melbourne, third University of Cambridge.

Film by Alex Henshilwood, MUBC Coach.

The US Women's Eight at the 2011 World Rowing Championships in Slovenia.

Michael Nicholson Film

The Australian World Champion Silver Medallist Men's Coxless 4 versus the Australian Olympic Gold Medal Men's Kayak 4, on the Yarra River, Tuesday, 19th November, 2013.

Men's coxless four consisted of: Joshua Dunkley-Smith, Spencer Turin, Alexander Lloyd and Will Lockwood. Men's kayak 4 consisted of: Tate Smith, Dave Smith, Murray Stewart and Jake Clear.

Official Starter: James Tomkins.