From the MUBC Vault.

Enjoy some very early University Rowing from our MUBC archives. Maybe you might know someone!  

1955 Varsity crew training.


MUBC 1956 Extras crew below Bow: Houghton, 2 Bryson, 3 Page, 4 Johns, 5 Jones, 6 Hilditch, 7 Colville, Stroke Douglas

1957 MUBC Extras crew below with King's Cup stern four then Extras seated Bow Quirk, 2 Smith, 3 David Jones, 4 Birch, 5 Gillon, 6 Hilditch, 7 John Goodsall, Stroke Colville

1957 below Melbourne University Boat Club Intervarsity 8 Training - Colin McDonald [Ormond], John Goodsall [Extras], Phillip Roth [Trinity], Michael Jones [Trinity], Michael Hilditch [Extras], Peter Gillon [Extras], David Jones [Extras].

1957 Melbourne University Boat Club Intervarsity Regatta Hobart, includes King's Cup 8 and Intervarsity 8 training on the Yarra and Intervarsity in Hobart.

1958 Melbourne University Boat Club extras crew - seated Bow John Nairn, 2 Peter McKeon, 3 Colin Dowzer, 4 George Raymond, 5 David Jones, 6 David Price 7 John Goodsall, Stroke John Colville


1958 MUBC Inter-varsity 8: Bow: J. Goodsall, P. Roth, D. Jones, C. MacDonald, M. Jones, D. Price, P. Heysen, 

1958 MUBC Intervarsity Regatta Adelaide, includes training on the Lower Yarra and Intervarsity Regatta in Adelaide

1959 Melbourne University Intervarsity rowing crew training, seated Bow Gary Tilbridge, 2 Dally Messenger, 3 George Raymond, 4 Phillip Roth, 5 Paul Guest, 6 David Caithness, 7 Bill Leslie, Stroke Kim Jelbart.

1959 MUBC Intervarsity Penrith and a visit to the Botanical Gardens, Melbourne

1960 MUBC Crew training: Bow A. Buchanan, A. Dwyer, D. Stankovitch, J. Cade, J. Henshaw, C. Penfold, M. Zwar, N. Courtney.

1960 MUBC Intervarsity 8 training, seated Bow Dustan Stankovitch, 2 Campbell Penfold, 3 Chester Keon-Cohen, 4 Dally Messenger, 5 Barton Scott, 6 John Vroland, 7 Michael Zwar, Stroke Neil Courtney